10/07-08/2019 - Patrol Rifle

The two-day Patrol Rifle Class is designed to give students working knowledge of the AR 15 platform in areas difficult to do on address on Police Department ranges.  The class starts with zeroing the weapons at 50 yards and expounds on proper body position as well as proper trigger control, natural point of aim and use of support.  We move to procedures to properly load and unload the weapon system, clean it and clear malfunctions as well as transition to secondary weapon.  Students can expect to shoot from in and around the vehicle as well as shoot from various cover positions.  Moving and shooting will be addressed as well as shooting moving targets to 200 yards.  Angled shooting will be accomplished from our 60-foot elevated tower.  Timed skills drills will give the shooters a standard to work towards during training at their locations.

Prerequisites:  All students should be full time Law Enforcement or active Military to attend this class, and in good standing with their departments. 

Time: Sign-in at 7:30am,Class begins at 8:00

Required gear:  Rifle with 3 magazines and 1200 rds ammo, sling, pistol with 3 magazines and 100 rds ammo, holster/pouch,  eye/ear protection, all weather clothing,  food and water, cleaning and all necessary gear to keep weapon working. 

Discounted price is available if ordered 14 days in advance.

Limited space for camping is available.  Save by purchasing as an add on to this class.  This amount covers camping for Thursday & Friday nights only.  The facility closes after the class ends on Friday.  Campers can arrive between 5pm and 9pm on Thursday night.  The gates will be locked before and after these times.

Refund Policy:  A full refund is available up to 30 days prior to event; a credit for price of product will be issued up to 14 days prior to event and may be used for any Tiger Valley product offered.  Credit will expire after 12 months; no other refunds or credits.

10/07-08/2019 - Patrol Rifle
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